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10 October 2008

Finally! [Updated.]

Got the news in the car on my way home from the best restaurant in the world, Sabuddy. (You know how I feel about Israeli food.) Haul your virtual ass over to Steyn's site to read the massive pdf, the last of the CHRC rulings.

I'm glad somebody's got somebody sense up north. Congrats, Mark.

Having written the above in the car, I did not get a chance to really expand upon this. This ruling doesn't solve the problem of the encroaching totalitarianism of the Canadian "human rights" tribunals, but it does get them off Steyn's and Maclean's collective ass, which is important. I can't imagine living with the possibility that one might not be allowed to speak one's mind in one's native country and I'm glad that, however the BC tribunal arrived at this decision, this was the decision handed down. I'm very happy for Steyn tonight. A battle has been won, but not the war.

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